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Bolton Abbey.

Following of from a great night of drinks and steak and laughs, which rekindled something, we drove out to Bolton Abbey today. We’d expected it to be just some ruins and maybe a tea-house. What it was though deserves a revisit, more time, a better planning.  When we arrived L […]

Holiday day seven.

Home tomorrow and I’m going to do one of them one second videos of my day. Predominantly it’ll be flying home. It’s been a seriously fucking brilliant week. I mean, a seriously fucking brilliant week. We’ve shared laughs, food, drink. We’ve talked about family, friends, ideas, concepts, careers, sport, politics. […]

Holiday day five. 

Easily the best day so far. Woke up too early this morning but managed to get back to sleep and stay there until seven thirty. Then after breakfast Bys & I got down into town for a few little bits. When we got back Mam & Ellis were at the […]

Holiday day four. 

I was up before dawn and took a short walk over to the eastern side of the camp to watch the sun rise over the hills. It’s so peaceful here on a morning. All I could hear was birds singing, a faraway dog barking and the wind through the trees. […]

Holiday day three. 

I’m sat on the decking, the temperature a balmy 22 degrees at half past seven in the evening. I’ve got beer, fresh bread, and the olds are busy dishing up crisp salads and barbecuing steaks, chicken, belly pork, sausages. I can feel the heat of the sunburn on my back. […]

Holiday day two. 

Holiday day two (written on the morning of day three). Slightly fuzzy head this morning. Last night we dined at a cheap and cheerful restaurant and I met some of the ‘neighbours’. Paul from Oldham with a self-inflicted OAFC tattoo on his arm was sat to my right; opposite, ex-RSM […]

Your top guilty pleasures.

I was going to write about something else because I don’t like exposing this sort of information to the great masses of the planet, but I’m sleep deprived and willing to tell you just about anything so here goes: Taylor Swift Specifically the album Red featuring 22, We Are Never […]