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8) Negativity

It’s okay to be negative from time to time. It happens to us all. Life is tough. Life is hard. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Some people are naturally glass-half-empty people too. That’s okay too. It’s okay to sound off, to bitch and moan, to criticise others, to criticise […]

4) Fxck Cancer

Today marks World Cancer Day and I wanted to talk some about personal experiences with this horrible disease. I’d wager that everyone knows someone that has been affected by cancer. Either as a victim or by losing someone they love. Two people close to me have fought their battles. I […]

3) Why I blog

I started blogging in April 2005. I was involved in internet forums, lots of people were doing it so I jumped on the bandwagon and joined in. Twelve years later and this blog – in all its various iterations – has seen me through good times and bad times. Mainly […]

2) All about my feelings

  Sometimes I feel like I’m an unfeeling emotionless jerk with a heart of black, cold stone. Other times I get caught out by the smallest of tragic tragedies and I’m a mess. When the aeroplanes crashed into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon I didn’t shed a tear. Not […]

1) Welcome to al’s #blogaday

Two weeks ago I had the stunning idea to spend February 2017 wracking my brains to come up with something to write about on this blog each and every day. I’ve spent the last two weeks regretting that decision. I have also spent that time regretting asking Twitter for ideas […]