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18) Booze

I’m looking forward to a few drinks tonight. “You going out?” “Nope, I’m staying in.” “Oh, got company?” “No, it’s just me.” “Ohhh…” I do like a drink. I do like a drink when it’s just me. I’ll happily sink a bottle and a half of wine, or toss down […]

17) Only words

Previously I’ve been accused and being harsh and brutal with my words. I prefer to think of it as honest and direct, but I’ll accept harsh and brutal. Someone once told me that the recipient of communication is the only one who can interpret it’s meaning, that the communicator can only […]

16) Things to do in Berlin

Some of you might have seen, have heard me mention, that I’m booking to go to Berlin in October for my 40th birthday. There are four of us going, Friday to Sunday. It’s very exciting. One of my travelling companions asked, quite justifiably, “Al, I’m really looking forward to Berlin, […]

15) Blogaday midway review

“Woah, we’re half way there, woah-ohh, livin’ on a prayer!” Fifteen days in. I would have done this yesterday but I wanted to write about how terrible Valentine’s Day is. As expected I got a card from Moonpig. She hates it when I call her that. I’m not sure what […]

13) Friendships

I can count the number of true friends I have on one hand, and probably have a spare thumb too. It’s not that I don’t like people or that people don’t like me* it’s just that I’m very choosy about who I trust, about who I spend time with, and […]

11) Friday Night

He had drank too much. He had taken too many drugs. He couldn’t handle the cocktail of intoxicants in his body. He hated himself. He hated her, his so called girlfriend. He hated them, his so called friends. He wanted to kill himself. He wanted to kill her. He wanted […]

10) The hardest time of all

Imagine, being a parent, and through no fault of your own, not being able to see your child. That happened to me. It was 2012. Tom’s Mum, beset by jealousy and anger stopped me from seeing my boy. I turned up at his school one Friday afternoon at the usual […]

9) Al’s worst dates ever

Dating is a funny thing isn’t it? Two almost strangers meeting and trying to decide if the almost-stranger opposite is a suitable match. I’ve been on many dates. These are three of the worst. 1) She had a prior engagement I had spoken to the girl on the telephone and […]