22) Attention Seeking

Conversation the other day about attention seeking and people saying that when someone posts a selfie, that’s what they’re doing. Attention seeking; seeking attention. And it made me think – dangerous, I know – aren’t we all attention seeking? When I write these words am I seeking attention? My primary reason for writing stuff down … More 22) Attention Seeking

19) Turning forty

Turning forty is not something I am concerned about. Why should I be? An apology for the cliché, but age is just a number… Isn’t it? There are many things said about being forty: Life begins at forty. Forty is the new thirty. You’re not forty; you’re eighteen with 22 years’ experience. *Roll* *Eyes* I’ll … More 19) Turning forty

18) Booze

I’m looking forward to a few drinks tonight. “You going out?” “Nope, I’m staying in.” “Oh, got company?” “No, it’s just me.” “Ohhh…” I do like a drink. I do like a drink when it’s just me. I’ll happily sink a bottle and a half of wine, or toss down a few vodkas when I’m … More 18) Booze

17) Only words

Previously I’ve been accused and being harsh and brutal with my words. I prefer to think of it as honest and direct, but I’ll accept harsh and brutal. Someone once told me that the recipient of communication is the only one who can interpret it’s meaning, that the communicator can only say the words and that … More 17) Only words

14) Valentine’s Day, or ‘why I hate Valentine’s Day’

Seriously, I bloody hate Valentine’s Day. I’ve always felt awkward about being forced into making gestures. I’m the same at Christmas, if I’m honest, perhaps it says more about my social anxieties than anything else, but I’m digressing and that’s perhaps a story for another time. On February 14th, big business says it’s okay for … More 14) Valentine’s Day, or ‘why I hate Valentine’s Day’

13) Friendships

I can count the number of true friends I have on one hand, and probably have a spare thumb too. It’s not that I don’t like people or that people don’t like me* it’s just that I’m very choosy about who I trust, about who I spend time with, and about who I let into … More 13) Friendships