August 2020 blog-a-day challenge

I’ve done these before as a way to kickstart my blogging when it stalled. My last post was September 2019 and a lot has happened since then. Lot’s that I could be writing about but I’ve typically found other things to do. Let’s get back into blogging with a 31 day challenge. Here’s the (incomplete) list of subjects which will be posted:

1. blog name and meaning
2. How the coronavirus has affected me
3. 3 favourite books
4. My dream job
5. Black Lives Matter
6. What I’m afraid of
7. 3 favourite songs
8. What are you reading now?
9. 3 goals for next year
10. How was your weekend?
11. Concerts I have been to
13. Biggest regret
14. 3 favourite quotes
15. My family
16. TV show I am addicted to
17. Favourite picture from 2020
18. Current relationship status
19. What do you collect?
20. Top 3 movies
22. Proudest moment
23. Social Media
24. Happiest moment of 2020
25. What hobbies do you have?
26. 3 places I want to visit
27. What’s so bad about Mondays?
28. What projects are you working on?
29. An announcement
31. Why do you blog?

If you have any suggestions for things to write about please leave a comment below.


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