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After the difficulty of yesterday, realising there was something wrong, something effecting my mood and behaviour, I did a little bit of soul searching. I’m a fairly rational, logical person and I can normally work out problems. Sometimes it helps to write stuff down. Writing is therapy. Seeing my issues […]

That’s mental

Recently I have been struggling a little bit. Call it stress, call it anxiety, call it whatever I don’t know but it’s been tough. My mind is not on the ball. I seek the solace of being alone. I’m disengaged, disinterested, distant. It’s taking it’s toll on my relationship and […]

Two thousand and nineteen

My last post was way back in April 2018. Seems like such a long time ago. In general terms it probably isn’t, but in terms of what’s happened between then and now it’s an eternity. I’m a different person and my life has changed substantially. So what’s changed? In July […]