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January Photo a Day Challenge #5

The fifth and final installment. In many ways I am glad it’s finished. It’s been an interesting project and I’ve had to think, sometimes, hard about what fits the prompt. Other times inspiration has hit at the right moment. Here are the final seven images. 25. Simple 26. Jump 27. […]

January Photo a Day Challenge #4

The fourth installment. I’ve really enjoyed capturing these images. Some required a little bit of thought. Others just seemed to “be there” at the right moment. 19. Icy/Ice 20. Imperfect 21. Noise 22. From where I stand 23. A favourite thing 24. Shiny Next up are simple, jump, a challenge, […]

January Photo a Day Challenge #2

The second part of the January Photo a Day challenge. Some of these were tough. Texture seems like an easy concept but getting something to fit and not be overly bland required a bit of thought. Bright just hit at the right moment. In bed thinking of inspiration, turned my […]

That was my pang… It was my pride

Relationships are very interesting aren’t they? No matter to what level they develop, that you choose to be intimate – to whatever level – with someone, is disarming. It makes you vulnerable to allow someone access to the inner-sanctum of your needs/wants/desires. You may give someone the ability to hurt […]

Yorkshire Three Peaks

It’s been a couple of years or more since I last tackled the Yorkshire Three Peaks and I’ve just signed up to attempt the challenge once more. It’s hard, it’s grueling. Weather dependent it can be a pretty horrible experience. But, if I look back years gone by, it’s also […]

Attack on Charlie Hebdo kills eleven

Link: Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 11 I’d never heard of Charlie Hebdo until this morning when I saw the news of an attack killing eleven and wounding ten more. The magazine was firebombed in 2011 after naming the Prophet Muhammad as its “editor-in-chief” for its next […]


I’m terrible with money. I have used this excuse for as long as I can remember to justify being, well, terrible with money. But that has to stop. I’m 37 now and it’s about time I grew up and realised that this excuse is actually no excuse. I posted a […]