Challenge over…

I finally finished the 30 day letter challenge in a mad burst of the last five letters on Friday. Not exactly pleased with them, or with the challenge idea. I think that 30 letters is A LOT. Far more than I could fit into my days, and the subjects are probably a little bit Americanised…. Example… a ‘pinky promise’? What is this shit?

Pleased I got it out the way though, even if I did rush through and write very little on the last few letters. The problem is, I’m not in a very soul searching mood, and looking at myself in the mirror all I see is a fat old man. Ha! Not really much to write about. Okay, so I see way more than that, but I’m not into self-character-assassination at this time. I’ll leave that for another occasion when I’m feeling particularly self destructive.

In other news, I didn’t get up at 6 this morning, but I did finally drag myself out of bed at 6:20 or similar. I did hit the treadmill, but J had to get to work so I had to cut it short. Fuck-arse. Nevermind. I got up! I did it! That’s key, because week two is going to be the tough one. Week one I had the motivation of ‘get thru the first week’. Week two I have the… OMG this is going to be an ongoing thing. I want to make it habitual. I must press on.

Anyway, this was just a quick update before I have to go and ensure Tom hasn’t fallen into the toilet and get myself ready for work. Have a good day all.

Ahh, PS. A certain someone appears to be ignoring me. I’m not sure what it is I have done wrong. Need to stop worrying about trivial shit and move on.

Adios, fuckers!


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