Be my motivation

I said, ‘you’ll have to be my motivation’.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well, we’ve had that gym sat out there for three weeks now and-‘
‘Yes, and you haven’t used it.’
‘I know.’
‘And you have had every opportunity to do so.’
‘I know…’
‘Every day when me and Tom leave you could be in there.’
‘I know(!)’
‘And it’s so much easier doing it before work then after work.’
‘I know!’

And silence. It’s true. A couple or maybe three weekends ago, Terry and I spent some time sorting out the garage into a mini-home-gym. It was a good day. We got drunk and laughed a lot. I had every intention of using it too. Even purchased a punch bag to hang up and work out on. Things looked good.

But then I didn’t do anything with it. A week passed, then it was another weekend, then another week and we’re to this point. I have wanted to get fit for a long time. But wanting to do it and having the motivation to do it are two different things. I haven’t the motivation. I like sleep. I like relaxing. I like good (fatty, rich) food.

I’m so anti-keep-fit it’s a shock that I’m not hideously overweight.

I need a routine and I need a plan. If I have a plan I will be more likely yo stick to it. I mean, how can you stick to no plan? Difficult, non? I am going to develop a routine and a plan, and I am going to stick to it. What I was asking, was for some additional motivation such as, ‘get out of bed, go do your run’ or, ‘we’ll have dinner after you have done your routine’ or, ‘you’re doing really well’. That kind of usual shit that people who care about each other should be doing.

What I was going to ask her was to make sure I got up at 6am on a weekday and did my workout. I wasn’t going to ask any more than that. And all I get was bickering and nagging. Talked about unmotivational!

‘You were going to say something about being your motivation?’
I was going to ask and all I got was negatives. It doesn’t matter. I’ll manage on my own.’
‘I’m going to bed.’

Fuck it. As if this isn’t enough motivation as it is. That you’re going to bitch at me is enough incentive to get myself out of this hole and into something better.

Starting Monday.



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