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This will be waffle but to hell with it. It’s 23:41 (at this exact minute) and I’m drunk, sat in the conservatory, with the patio wide open. It’s balmy (good word). I’m drunk. But, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m alive, living, breathing and […]

The right thing to do

I am a coward and a pussy. Last night we had a talk about us and we both agreed we’re not working and probably never will. The thing is; I’m not willing to change for her. I don’t love her (enough?) for me to go through a metamorphosis into a […]

Demon Bike

The same bike that I fell off in October, resulting on a broken wrist and broken elbow, has claimed another victim this week. Terry borrowed my bike on Wednesday, and in a collision with another cyclist, broke his leg in two places. He’s going to have to have surgery tomorrow, […]

Dead before I’ve even lived

I’m in one of those strange lulls I get myself into sometimes where I start questioning the logic of maintaining the status quo. Can’t be arsed with work, can’t be arsed with maintaining my forums. Don’t want to think about money. Irritated by work and my impotent career. Unable to […]


Terry is moving in here. Kinda strange as last time we lived together things didn’t end well and we probably had the darkest period we’ve ever faced in over 13 years of friendship. I probably wrote about it in this blog somewhere, but I don’t want to revisit it just […]


We’ve had a bit of a struggle recently with the boy and a reluctance to go to bed. Compounded by a lack of resolve (effort) on behalf of his Mum, and a lack of commitment on behalf of his Dad to ensure he goes to bed on time. *immature comment […]