Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

Dear Sarah,

I remember how we split up and how I thought I was the master-manipulator in how I reeled you in and spat you out. I look back now and I realise I was just a cowardly shit, and that treating you like I did was a terrible, terrible thing. I should have been honest with you from the start. I should have told you that I didn’t love you and that I didn’t want you in my life a long time before that awful Wednesday night. I still remember you crying yourself to sleep and I wanted so much to come up and lay down with you and make everything okay. But we both know that the best result for us both happened. You deserved better than I was willing and able to give. I hope that you are happy now.

I am sorry that I was mean to you. I was reading back through the pages on this blog from the time that this happened and I found something horrible that I wrote about you. I was so mean, so childish, and so terrible to you. I hope you never had to read the words I wrote that day.

I’m pleased that you have found someone else to share your life with. I wish you the absolute very best.

I’ll always remember the good times.



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