Follow Friday #FF

Those of you on Twitter, and who isn’t these days, will be aware of the Friday tradition of posting those users you follow who you think others should follow too. I got to thinking today, after seeing the masses of lists appear, that Follow Friday has lost it’s meaning, and started to wonder if people actually bothered to pay attention to it any more?

Does anyone actually pay any notice to #FF’s?

To which Mikey (@MadMikeyB) replied:

i look through the names, if I see someone I know (of) whom I am not following, then I click and follow.

This approach seems admirable, if a little blinkered. If I was to follow everyone who is put forward on a #FF Tweet I’d be following thousands of people by now, and I simply cannot engage with that many. I wonder if I would actually want to engage with that many. But perhaps I have it wrong. Perhaps I should implicitly trust those people I follow already (although several of them are of dubious character) and follow those they suggest I should follow. What can the harm in it be? I guess I’m just picky.

Then I saw this from Pete (@chaosgerbil)

Thanks for all the lovely #ff mentions and even the ones where I’m just on a long list of names.

‘Even when I’m just (my emphasis) on a long list of names.’

Which made me think, are those who get a mention on Follow Friday placing any worth upon that mention? Do people ever get loads of additional followers on Follow Friday? Is this just one of those things that started out as something (an exchange of useful/interesting/entertaining people) but became something else (a habitual occasion of listing your friends, more to reaffirm your loyalty and respect for them rather than to expose others to them (this is not necessarily a bad thing)).

One follower of mine (we’re mutual) remarked once that she was slipping down the #FF list. Did this mean I felt less inclined to promote her, or was it just me falling into the habit of an alphabetical list of people who I wanted to know I liked them?

Interesting to see your thoughts on this.

6 thoughts on “Follow Friday #FF

  1. I follow people suggested to me, and my main timeline is not used. I use lists to filter my following, so if I actually wanna read your tweets, you end up on that list, if you’re just on of those people who spammed your name in a #TeamFollowBack tweet once many blue moons ago (there are hundreds of those) – or one of those people who followed me when I auto followed back, then you’re not on the list.

    A Private List, named “MyFriends”, probably a more apt name is “People I Want To See Tweet” or something, as only a few of the users on that list is actually my friend.

    I recently pruned my “Following” list right down to only following people who were following me, cut down about 600 followers.


  2. I like to #ff people who I’ve had some decent banter with that week. I don’t care if they follow me or not, only that they’ve engaged with me in some meaningful way. My #ffs are not a measure of who I like best, and are in no particular order. They’re simply decent folk who have had something interesting to say, and are likely to do so again.

    Do I follow other people’s ffs? Not really. Sometimes I’ll follow a friend’s ff at random and see how it goes. Normally it does’t. Excluding people I already know in the real world, the people who I banter with on a regular basis are normally people I started to follow because they were chatting about stuff relevant to me; they weren’t someone’s #ff. Take you for example: I started to follow you because you were talking about Kendal Calling using the hashtag. A quick check of your profile & tweets suggested you’d be worth following. Simple really. Quality not quantity in my world.


  3. I’ve taken note of some Follow Fridays tonight. I’m thinking I should give it a shot and maybe not be so goddamn cynical all the time.

    You can always unfollow, right?



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