So much for the diet…

Now I can’t remember if I made this a resolution or not (and by that I mean committed it to thhese pages), but I’ve have skirted around the idea of dieting with the guys at work. We’re all fat and we thought it would be motivational for us all to diet at the same time and egg each other on. Strength in numbers, etc. Mine is going great.

I’m still probably eating the same as I did, although (huge bonus point) I have stopped drinking coke during the week. This is a A Good Thing. But it is probably the only good thing that I can think of right now. It’s a step in the righht direction though, yeah?

I was thinking this morning that, beyond a few small dietary changes, I don’t really need to change all that much. If I cut down/cut back on sweets and sugary drinks, this will be a good basis for moving to healthy eating. This weekend has been a bit of a wash out in terms of fat pizza on Friday and then fat McDonalds on Saturday, but the rest of the week wasn’t too bad. And it is best to do these things gradually, isn’t it? Cold turkey isn’t always the most successful methodology to follow.

But now that my arm and knee are back to almost full strength I need to get back into fitness. I keep on telling myself that I am going to start, but the thing is I don’t have any structure to it so I’m really struggling to motivate myself. I need to see what is coming. Have a plan and stick to it.

Today I am going to do just that. It’s time to hit the internet (sat down with a cuppa and hot buttered toast) to find a running plan, or cycling plan (or both). Something to get started. Something to give me a target, or a structure, or a goal. The first step is always the most difficult to take. Maybe I’m just stalling. Maybe I just need to get my running shoes on and pound the pavement. Perhaps this is so, but the more I do to push myself in the direction of that first step, the less excuse I will eventually have to not take it.


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