Hmmm… Altitis can sometimes make one do crazy things. My current crazy thing is deleting pretty much half or more of my Age of Conan progress so that I can ‘theme’ my characters. If you want someone (other than me) to blame for this blame Pain from TFCOL. Painguard, Painconq, Darkerpain, Painsin. ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ There are other members of the guild and I cannot work out who they are because their character names are as random as mine were to begin with, but that is going to change.

I am currently restarting my roster. Two of four level 80 characters will remain, the other two will be deleted. Where I can have Khitain instead of a westerner, the original Cimmerian, Aquilonian, Stygian, is to be replaced.

Yes, it’s slightly mental.. but hey-hoo. At least this was I can avoid that glass ceiling I was QQing about not so long ago; or rather postpone…

Now to do some roster admin. Don’t wait up. I may be some time.


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