The 80 Glass Ceiling

Seems like I’m in danger now of burning out or fading away. I’ve been playing pretty much daily since August. Last month I didn’t even bother to post here, preferring to play on with my many, many alts.

I now have four level 80 characters, a Demo, Necro, PoM & Conq. Seems like I play them to 80 then only infrequently log in again to either join a rare raid or simply progress through AA feats. 80 appears to be my glass ceiling. Of course, there is the ‘Northern Crashlands’ thing to consider, but I suppose I am a little bit linear in my play style. Having the next level to gain is an obvious target and an obvious success once achieved. Khitai gear, although I’m sure it is nice, just does not give me the obvious incentive to play for it. Maybe that says something about me either emotionally or psychologically, but, whatever. Once 80 is hit, my desire to keep going diminishes.

I recently paid out some real english cash money in increase my character slots to twelve and allow me to have one of each class of character. My hope is, that once I have been through 960 levels I’ll be ready to upgrade my OS and tackle Khitai. Until then I’m switching between alts and levelling them all. One thing though, since the PoM hit 80, I’ve really struggled to push through the levels with just one character. In the last couple of days I have played Guard, BS, ToS, Ranger. The result of the switching is that I am losing focus and starting to see the entire thing as a chore. Until the PoM went max level I was happy to play through with one primarily, dropping to something else if the fancy struck me, or logging an 80 for a Raid or to help out someone with a quest.

I need to seriously consider sticking with just one until I get nearer to 80 with someone. Currently the gap between 80 and the next highest is close to 30 levels. My fear is that if I don’t stick to one I’ll stop being focussed enough to get number five to 80.

Must. Remain. Focused.

Before I go, another thing about Khitai gear. I really do not like the look of it. I find the style less than appealing and prefer the traditional armour over the samurai-esque gear that comes from the east.


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