Stuff to say

Sorry for the lax blogging recently. Having a busted wrist and elbow means that I’m not actually doing very much and therefore don’t have very much to write about; not to mention the pain that having a busted wrist and elbow can cause when typing. I’ve still got the pot on but I’m feeling much better. I’m off my pills and starting to do more stuff that I couldn’t do less than a week ago.

I’ve gone from having very little to say, to possibly having too much to say. There’s work shit, such as how they tried to screw me over reducing my hours on account of my injury. I’ll post up the email I (almost sent) and explain a little bit about what happened next.

There’s life shit, such as how I realised this weekend my best friend from childhood hasn’t grown up quite as much as I would have liked and the realisation of this and how I felt about it.

There’s real world shit, such as that which was exposed on Coppers last night. How this country is getting played by the criminal scumbag segment of society and how there is very fucking little we can do about it.

It’s simply a case of knowing (or deciding) what to write about first.

I know, I’ll surprise you.

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