Khitai bound


Due to unforseen circumstances I could be about to spend the next at least six weeks off work and with little else to do with my days than play on Age of Conan. I’ve been reading up on Khitai factions this evening, and considering a jaunt to the lands of Khitai with Mbeya. There is a real world reason for this. My arm is still busted. I’m still in a cast. I can play reasonably well with just one hand… but only if I stick to caster classes. Orcadas is at level 75 and close to max level, which will give me two top level mages and little ability to spend too much time quickly levelling a melee class character. I almost make it sound like I don’t really want to go to Khitai, and in some ways it is not the thing I would most like to do. I am still loving the original game content. I’m still loving levelling and questing. I’m still wanting to experience and experiment with other classes of character.

That said, the prospect of Khitai is an enticing one. New areas to explore, without the over-riding target of reaching the next level, and new rewards that look very, very, tasty. Some of the gear from the Wolves faction looks impressive. On a par with the T1 drops I’ve been lucky enough to see so far.

Tomorrow starts a new dawn. The lands in the east and a Demonologist intent on exploiting them.

…should be fun, eh?


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