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Good news is that my broken arm has not done too much to limit play time, as long as I stick to pure casting classes such as the Demo and Necro. Still been putting in a deal of time into the game. Mbeya the Demonologist went raiding last night and did well from the loot drops with Shoulders, a Staff and a Relic all falling to my successful need rolls. This was after a couple of decent runs through Crow’s Nest and the bottom half of Iron Tower on Saturday. I didn’t think I would enjoy the End Game as much as I would. Credit to funcom for the additional content. My first time round I was bored instantly and stopped bothering with my highest level character and focused on alts. This time I have developed a large contingent of alts including the Necro that I’ll come to in a bit, but I feel like now my main will be getting more of a run out than she perhaps would have some time ago.

Tomorrow night I’m hoping for a good guild run through Onyx. I want to get some of the final quests finished off so I can focus on raiding, getting some AA feats trained, and maybe move into Khitai…

So other than a little bit of action with Mbeya. I have been pushing through Eggy Mountains and now Ymir’s Pass with my Necromancer, Orcadas. Pets are cool. It has to be said. At first the damage they did seemed a little bit low, and that coupled with the lower DPS than what I was used to with the Demo meant I wasn’t over the moon with the Necro, but now I’ve moved up the levels (63) and the pets are dealing some good damage, I can see the appeal of Imba-Pet-Necro. I’ve started crafting too. Orcadas is a gemcutter, which has to be the easiest of the professions seeing as I’ve always had the necessary gems to complete the quests at the point of attempting them. Weddell the Conqueror is tradeskilled as Armoursmith and Weaponsmith whilst Lahaye the Priest is an Alchemist. I’ve not bothered to craft with Mbeya. I don’t feel the need to repeat professions (seems pointless).

Anyway, I entitled this “Guild stuff” and for the second time since I started Age of Conan again I have moved guilds. My first guild just didn’t feel right. The social aspects were not there. The second guild had the good social aspect, but they were not at the same level as me. They were raiding T3 and I wanted to raid T1 and progress to T2 and onwards. That option (we tried it) was not there. A shame really. Carnage were one og the biggst guilds on the server and they were all pretty cool guys too. It was not an easy decision to go looking for a new home, but I felt it was in my best interests. I didn’t want to PUG raid my way through the game, so a guild was essential, and Carnage were not a guild I could raid with.

I found my new home with The Free City of Lochlainn, These are some pretty decent guys. I did my Iron Tower / Crow’s Nest run with a couple of them on Saturday and they formed the bulk of the HOWL raid on Sunday. They are a good group to talk to, and even though some of them are much more advanced than I, it feels like we’re all at the same level. Even to the point where there (at least as far as I can tell) are no noticable officers / guild leader. I’m sure there is one, but I don’t feel the pressure of hierarchy as I did in Carnage. It’s a much more social / casual / free gaming experience. So anyone reading this who is looking for a fun-time guild on Crom, check out The Free City. They come very highly recommended.

In many ways they remind me of Storm, the guild I helped run when I first played AoC.

Well, there goes your update. Having the night off tonight to pave the way for the Onyx run tomorrow. (relationships are diplomacy).

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.


6 thoughts on “Guild stuff

  1. Nice reading. Just one minor correction – Saturday T1 sweeps are FCoL events and nothing to do with HOWL.

    Glad you’re feeling at home in our free city (and , yeah , there are officers … but are just as loony as the rest of us, so you might not notice them :))



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