Khitai bound

Hmph. Due to unforseen circumstances I could be about to spend the next at least six weeks off work and with little else to do with my days than play on Age of Conan. I’ve been reading up on Khitai factions this evening, and considering a jaunt to the lands of Khitai with Mbeya. There … More Khitai bound

Guild stuff

Good news is that my broken arm has not done too much to limit play time, as long as I stick to pure casting classes such as the Demo and Necro. Still been putting in a deal of time into the game. Mbeya the Demonologist went raiding last night and did well from the loot … More Guild stuff

Hppy brthdy t y

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Mister Sarcastic, Happy Birthday to me! I hate my birthday. Maybe not hate, but I couldn’t be any less enthusiastic about it. It is treated with the same tolerated contempt as Christmas. Man, I’m such a miserable bastard. Today is my 32nd birthday. I … More Hppy brthdy t y

LFM need healer

Ouch. On Saturday I managed to fall off  a brand new £500 mountain bike and smash my wrist and elbow on my left arm. Both are broken and I’m going to the hospital today to get  a cast put on which will extend from fingers to shoulder. This immobilisation alongside the significant pain I am … More LFM need healer