Altitis sets in….

Ergh! Mbeya is struggling to hold my attention in the midst of all the alts I have started of late. I am warned constantly about the dangers of altitis and I see how those who beat the curse are able to get the best gear and get the best from the Age of Conan end game and Raids and Khitai, whilst I languish in Kheshetta Hell (and Atzel’s). But still I fail to focus. I fail to play main more and alts less. Don’t get me wrong. I have progressed some with Mbeya. I’ve done Scorpion Caves, Crow’s Nest, Atzel’s Fortress. I finished the Destiny Quest too. But in between outings with the Demonologist I’ve been enjoying the odd quest with an alt. And having a blast too.

I have my old Conq on 43 (ish) and a PoM on 45 (ish), a DT sitting on 23 and a new Barb (soooooo much fun) on 22. Plus a Necro on 23 and a Guard still on the 50 he started on but re-equipped with a polearm rather than sword and board. Currently it seems that the 40s is where I get to before focusing on something else. Hopefully I’ll buck that trend as character slots are exhausted and they’re all too far ahead for me to be able to delete them to make space. We’ll see.

The problem, and there is just one, is time. Don’t get me wrong. I have ample time to indulge in this hobby, but it is disjointed and interrupted. I can’t sit and Raid for three hours from 9pm until midnight like I used to be able to (but never did, ironically). I get an hour or so here or there. My game time is punctuated by   r. e. a. l.     l. i. f. e.    It’s ideal for solo-questing or even crafting. Which means it’s ideal for levelling from 1 to 80, but it’s far from ideal for a raid or even an Atzels/Caravan/Iron Tower group.  Getting time to play is the biggest challenge for various reasons, which means I am limited to snatching moments of game when I can rather than being able to gorge myself on an uninterrupted few hours in Hybroria. When I have had those few hours I have put them to good use. They are just limited.

Anyways, 300 is on right now, I do have some other interests beyond the borders of Hyboria. See you next time.


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