Rise to power

Levelling has been super fast for the Demonologist. I think back to the time it took to push a PoM through to 50 and, either my aging memory is warping things, or I’m levelling twice as fast as I did last time I played Age of Conan. I’ve been able to skip some quests which have fallen below my level, and I’ve not ran through the instances around my level such as Toirdealbach’s Tomb or Cradle of Decay in the Field of the Dead. Perhaps additional quests have been added which has meant it is possible to skip group instances, or perhaps (simply) a Demonologist is a superior killer to a Priest of Mitra, either way, I’ve just completed the 50 Destiny Quest and I’m moving up to the Hunting Lodge in Eiglophian Mountains.

Part of me feels like I’m missing out by levelling quite so rapidly. There are some quests in Field of the Dead that I would have liked to have done, such as those that take place in Haunted Woods, but my level is too high now to make them interesting/challenging/worthwhile. XP rewards are lower than the higher quests in Eiglophian Mountains, and the loot drops/quest rewards are too under powered for someone striding at great speed towards 60.

Maybe I just need to hit 80 and focus on Khitai, Factions and grinding to a Tiger or Wolf. Talking to guildmates (oh, did I not mention I’d joined a Guild!? More on that another time.) about the tiger mount, Faction level 4 is required which is a whole lotta killing, if I understand rightly. Only one member of PH has a tiger, and every one else seems to be rather jealous.

At the same time to looking forward to Khitai I’m worried I’m going to miss out on some cool new stuff in Old Hyboria. As a resubber I have completed the journey before, so I know where to go, what to do, but there is new stuff that has been added, and new quests/area/instances. I perhaps don’t want to miss out on them. I thought levelling may have sloweed by now, but so far I’ve been proved wrong. Maybe 60 – 70 will take longer and allow me to do Frost Swamps! I’ve deliberately avoided Gate to Khitai so far, and will experience it when I roll a Khitian alt. Yeah, I’m gonna, I have Altitis.

One thought on “Rise to power

  1. Take your time to level the first time, like slith told you, don’t grind. About khitai and factions, don’t ignore raiding for you’ll need it, as a demo, you’ll be ran over by mobs in khitai, and faction gear is a long term thing (epics at least). On your choice of guild, PH are a cool bunch, done raids with them, not a bad choice if you ask me. =)



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