Fifity at fifty

Mbeya is on level 43 and at the start of Tarantia Noble District. She has a mount for getting about the place and I’m comfortable with what she can and cannot accomplish in Hyboria. I’m enjoying playing Demonologist very much but my thoughts have been straying recently to the option, at level 50, of a one time entry at 50 character.

Many of the groups I’ve gone questing with have suffered from a lack of tank or healer, so I’m thinking to introduce either a tank or healer once my main reaches 50. But what to choose?

Once upon a time I levelled a PoM to 80 and enjoyed the experience of levelling. It was only once 80 was reached and Horza, for that was his name, was relegated to a supporting role in the end game, that I grew bored and rolled a Ranger alt. I know that now the content at end game is much better and there is all of Khitai to explore, but I’m still wary of rolling a straight healer. The idea of a Tempest of Set appeals, as a more offensive minded healer, as does the often overlooked Bear Shaman who needs to be in combat in order to heal effectively. That has to be more interesting than the Priest of Mitra is (although having a good PoM in a group is as good as a gift from Mitra himself!).

Beyond the realm of healing, the soldier class is my most obvious choice. Frequently I see, “LFM Black Castle 5/6 NEED TANK”. Why not be that tank those people need?

I have a Conqueror ready to leave Tortage who is/was going to be an alt to Mbeya, and Irinir waxes lyrical about the quality fun to be had playing as a Conq. But I think I’d rather level Weddell than roll another at 50. Plus the Conqueror cannot use a shield so is more off-tank than main-tank. That leaves a Dark Templar (which I’ve been dabbling with) or a Guardian. Of the two I’m leaning towards a Guardian as the classic main tank. The DT with his dabbling in magic, doesn’t “feel” like a classic tank should.

So I suppose through writing about it I’ve made a decision. My 50 at 50 will be a Guardian. Plate armour, taking the punishment that other puny classes cannot.

(But I still have time to change my mind, so feel free to opine on what class I should roll at 50)

2 thoughts on “Fifity at fifty

  1. I just want to make a few remarks on this.

    First, healers, every healer, even the pom, can be feated to be more offensive and still do healing proper (just ask pomely, a very good pom on Crom), that said, I found I enjoy the bear shammy very much.

    On the tank side, there’s a lot of things to be said. There’s a perception that dark templars and indeed conquerors are off tanks, that is not true, all soldiers are tanks, real, in your face, full fledged main tanks.

    This was made possible by giving all soldiers access to plate armor and revamping the skill trees. What will have to influence your choice is the details, a conqueror is a utility machine AND a tank, a guardian is based on raw hp and physical mitigation, a dark templar relies on a mana shield, magical skills, and some other tricks to be a tank.

    Remember this tho. Whatever your choices are when you reach 50 and chose another character to level, Khitai is very, VERY unforgiving to people with “altitis”, as such I advise you to focus on 2 characters at most to spend your play time on.


  2. Ahh, I love alts. I know that it means I’m diluting my time, or effort when I could (not should) be focusing on one or two characters only, but I like the option to switch to a totally different play style. I guess that is why I’m gonna go tank with my 50 at 50. Tank is the opposite of the mage I’m running.

    When you say it’s unforgiving, what do you mean?



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