Rightly or wrongly, I did laugh a little bit (to myself)

This was my first chance to blow through Black Castle and put to bed some Khemi Quests that have been sat waiting for completion for some day now. I managed to get hooked up with a couple of other 30+ players and we also secured the services of a Dark Templar at level 80. Why’d he want to help out running through Black Castle? He’d just resubbed and needed the group practice. Either way, we probably would have got smashed about as we were only a group of four, if we’d not had the help of Khorvus.

The guy pretty much solo’d Black Castle and we ran along behind picking up the loot. I wasn’t too bothered about a lack of xp from the mobs because, at level 36 I would not have picked up much anyway, I just wanted to get the quests finished and the XP under my belt.

We’d just hit Remuses when that to the left happened. The crate dropped and two blue items were in there. I picked up a hood for my Demo, and Khorvus/Nestoras both rolled need on a 34 level helm. Khorvus won. Nesto ragequit.


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