I guess I should find a Guild

As title. Things are going well in Hyboria. Mbeya sits at level 34 and moving fairly quickly towards the magical level 40 and the option of mounts and Tarantia Noble District. Through different purchases I have access to War Mammoth, Snow Mammoth and Killer Rhino. Does anyone ride a horse anymore? (not to mention wolves and OMG tigers, but that is another story for another time and another few months most likely.) Very excited to hit 40 and be able to traverse the regions a little quicker. Slogging across Khopshef Province from Bubshur to Black Castle and back again has been a chore. Getting there quickly will be suitably appreciated.

But this isn’t about mounts it’s about the option to join a Guild and how this may make my playing experience a little better. The last two nights I have tried to get a group together. First to run through Black Castle in the aforementioned Khopshef, then, last night, to hit the Ymir line of quests in Conall’s Valley. So far no luck in getting more than a partnership together, both times ironically with a (different) Ranger. No tanks, and no healers around my level and willing to join and do the quests. I remember (misty eyed moment) the last time I played AoC and a “LFG” message in Global Chat would have illicited numerous replies from people all at the same level and all wanting to do the same quests. This time, little to no replies. The Ranger I was playing with last night was a member of the Guild – N E M E S I S – and I even asked him to see if any Guildies were available to either help out, or join in. The reply, “no-one is available or no-one wants to help”. I remember my Storm Guild days, and if we were stuck getting a group together, or even if we had a 5/6 group and needed some help, we’d have a level 80 tank drop in to help us out. In the days of my 80 PoM I’d frequently jump from an alt back to my main to assist some lowbie guild members through a difficult quest. I must have done Black Castle a dozen times, and often back-to-back. Where has the community, the camaraderie, the altruism gone? Will I ever find it again?

The Guild was one of the things I enjoyed most about Conan my first time through. The fact that there was always someone on to chat to or to get advice from or to experience the raids or quests with. That made all the difference. Y’know, being social in a social game.

I don’t want to just jump in with any old Guild. I want it to be a Guild where to social aspect, and helping new players (or lowbies) is core to the beliefs of the Guild. Is there such a thing anymore?

9 thoughts on “I guess I should find a Guild

  1. Aye, good move, there are for sure guilds like those, I would make suggestions, but there’s really several good guilds around.

    About the mounts, everyone uses horses or the expansion mounts, the mammoth and rhino are mostly useless, they are slow, big and wont work in major cities.

    Also, read your tells, third time or so I say hi and you don’t reply. =P


  2. I have a guild of one over on Wiccana. I’m a console player from way back, so the multiplayer part of MMOs have always been a bit daunting for me. I do enjoy small, tight-knit guilds (like the one I have on in Guild Wars), but it’s tough to find players that mesh. I’m not that interested at all in PvP, I’m a quest fiend, and I love a good RP (I’ve even been known to write for my characters and with my guildmates in GW).

    So, I suspect it’ll be awhile before the Kadawan Vanguard sees some numbers, if ever. That’s all right; luckily, AoC is pretty darn fun to play, regardless.


      1. Nice to meet you, too! I should have mentioned, also, that I’m kidtrades over on Twitter.

        If for some reason you find yourself scoping a US server (don’t recommend it; myself excluded, I hope, we’re generally a rude and childish bunch), don’t hesitate to look me up. My main toon is Gellan.


  3. I don’t think it’s possible to transfer over to a US server. I’ll just stick with the multi-lingual craziness of Crom ;o)



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