Getting out of Tortage

My hope is that the full game arrives either tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m out of town though, over the next couple of days, so I won’t get much time to play. I’ll be back Tuesday evening, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to escape Tortage then.

I’ve levelled Orcadas the Necromancer to 20. Just logged off after nailing the Bat Demon and Askia in league with a Ranger called Crowdie. Had some fun trying to escort Hortensia on White Sands and had to attempt the quest three times as someone in the party kept straying too far from her. Annoying, but a simple newbie mistake. No harm done. It’s good that you can just group up with other players like that. I guess it’s what gives the game it’s social aspect which is the part which is most enjoyable. On that note, on the way up to get the Bat Demon there was a 19 Bear Shaman. I invited him to join us, but he declined and eventually got killed by the mobs at the top of the temple. Having a healer would have been useful, but whatever, we killed the Bat Demon after the Bear Shaman met his end. Why would you not join people going in the same direction to do the same quest? I felt a little guilty standing back and letting the BS get killed, but I think a lesson was learned by him. Safety in numbers and all that.

The pets are killer on the Necro. They leave you having to do very little. Especially if you can get Frozen Hatred or some Parasites alongside. The AoE is not as good as the Demonologist which remains my favourite class so far, but Deadly Blizzard is fun to use, and there are a couple of other decent ones too. The Necromancer doesn’t seem to be either AoE or DPS, it’s probably more damage over time (at least in my initial observations). I’ll be interested to see how the class develops when we start pushing towards 30 and higher.

My current roster is as follows:

Weddell the Conqueror, level 22 and ready to leave Tortage.

Mbeya the Demonologist, level 22 and ready to leave Tortage.

Orcadas the Necromancer, level 20 and a couple of final quests to finish including the Awakening III destiny quest.

I also rolled a Dark Templar this morning but will probably not have enough time to get him levelled sufficiently to escape Tortage before next weekend or beyond. Same with the Assassin. I should have time tomorrow morning maybe to add a few levels to one of these, but tonight I’m focused on getting Orcadas ready to sail.

3 thoughts on “Getting out of Tortage

  1. ooops, you might have a severe case of alt-isim πŸ˜€

    a word of wisdom: pick one character and stick with it. The AA system and Khitai rewards greatly people with one character.

    That is what I did 2 years ago and never looked back πŸ˜€


  2. Problem is I’m on a trial account until the full game arrives which means my main can’t actually do anything more, and there is nowhere on Tortage to quickly level a 22 Demonologist. I guess I’m wanting to try a few different classes before deciding on which to take forward. Currently it’s the Demonologist.

    Variety is the spice of life though, eh? Do you not have an alt, or do you only play Assassin?


  3. no, I have only my assassin

    as you take pleasure in variety, I my good sir, indulge in mastery which would be one day having pvp lvl 10 assassin with fully unlocked AA perks

    not saying one way is better than another, but Rise of the Godslayers kinda rewards my way of gaming.

    It is not a common behavior in mmos, yes, but I am always getting this feeling that time NOT accumulated in one character is wasted



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