‘Mancer of the Necro variety

I enjoyed the Demonologist class enough to want to try the Necromancer next. This is a move away from type for me, as in the past I’ve played either healers or rogues. My Cimmerian Conqueror is now level 21 (or maybe 22) and ready to leave Tortage when the full game arrives next week. I’ve got some time between now and then to level up another character. I do have an assassin sitting on level 8, but I fancy the deathly arts of the Necromancer next.

I’ve been reading about the Necromancer on the Age of Conan wiki, and I like the idea of pets to do my bidding. Also, from a lore perspective, the way which Necros look down their noses at Demonologists is going to make this rivalry a spectacular one.

2 thoughts on “‘Mancer of the Necro variety

  1. Necromancer class is fun to play. There is a huge range of pets as you level up. Spells are brilliant and you can sit back from the action and let your pets do your bidding. I have reached level 80 and there is still much to learn. Highly recommend it!
    I don’t look down my nose at Demonologists. I haven’t played that class yet.


  2. Up to level 15 now with Orcadas the Necromancer and having a blast. Let the pets do all the work, or set them on one mob whilst you deal with another. Doesn’t have the crowd control AoE of the Demo though, so I prefer the Demonologist over the Necromancer thus far.



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