Mbeya, the Demonologist

Man, oh man, despite being so squishy that I flunked the Bat Demon quest even though I was level 20, I have totally love, love, loved, the Demonologist. I’ve just played all through Tortage and completed every quest both night and day. Now I’m screaming to get to the mainland and continue Mbeya’s advertures. Curse and blast my dalliance!!

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable romp, and I was gutted to have ran out of content. The AoE on this sorcerer is insane, and I know it’s going to make levelling outside Tortage a breeze. I just wish I’d thought to run with a demo originally, as it is far more fun that the Conqueror is.

Well, it helped me make my mind up anyway. I’ve just ordered the AoC / RotGS DVD from play.com. Blurb:

  • Age Of Conan: Rise Of The Godslayer Contains:
  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
  • Rise of the Godslayer expansion pack
  • Unique puma in-game pet
  • Virtual item starter package
  • 30 days of game time (for new subscriptions only)
  • Begin your adventure as a Khitan, an all-new character race. Venture into the land of Khitai as you embark on new quests and acquire new rewards.
  • Pick your side! Join one of many warring factions of Khitai, complete assignments for them and slaughter their enemies to reap the exclusive rewards.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Conan himself, discover that the actions of the great barbarian have caused a great upheaval in this far flung land.
  • Explore from the back of two new mounts, the Wolf and the Tiger. These creatures will follow by your side and will grow into ferocious fighting companions!
  • I just hope they let me tack this on to my trial account, as I don’t fancy having to repeat the Tortage experience too many times in the future. (not too many times….)

    Next on the list is to complete the Conqueror quests and to push the Assassin I rolled this morning through the islands too. I must say though, that I have enjoyed the Assassin least so far. This time around I’m aiming to try new classes, the Assassin is one I’ve never played before. Hopefully it will get much better once I crest double figures.

    Must dash off, I have  Tyrant of Tortage to slay!!

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