Age of Conan

No posts for a while because I’ve been romping through Hyboria in Age of Conan. That is how I have spent my week off, static, immersed in a fantasy world. Does it get any better? J would say that I have wasted my time, but her idea of a successful holiday is scrubbing the bathroom. Me, well when I’m not at work I don’t intend to be working, and the opposite of work is, of course, play.

I used to play AoC a lot when it was first released, and news of the expansion whetted my appetite once more. I have been playing the free demo, but I just ordered the full game. Bye bye social life, bye bye fitness, bye bye spare time. Fuck it! Hahaha, this must be how World of Warcrack addicts feel!

Must dash, I have some monsters to slay.


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