Fun over at Funcom?

I logged onto Twitter quickly last night and saw the news regarding Funcom’s Q1 results and news that their stock has it an all time low. Commentary on the official forums took a typical gloomy stance with the revelation of this news:

Good will between the customer base and the service company is critical to both the longterm success of a venture and the company’s reputation. Funcom squandered its good will when complaints came in and they were disregarded as challenges to their expertise. A service company that has poor processes for providing what the customer wants will always get devalued when the market perception catches up to them.

Failed advocacy. Failed class balance. Failed performance issues. Failed in-game customer support. Failed corporate communications. Fixes have always happenned 6 months after people quit the game.

2 and half years later the game is still in beta with many of the same bugs it had at launch. While I understand they needed to release the game at launch to stay solvent, RotGS should never have been released with failed memory issues and lag that still exists. The recent survey should have happenned a full year ago when the customer base asked for it.

Now the discussion of free to play is here. More fail sauce for their stock value.

After today, I think I am forever done posting on the AoC forums. Finals are coming up, I no longer have any desire to play this game and my 6 months sub is up in September and I have no plans on ever renewing.

Basically I am burned out from giving this company ideas to fix a game they have no plans on fixing. They just want to string out our subs as long as possible so they can rush out TSW and start on their next failed MMO. And honestly after AO and AOC, who thinks they are not going to release TSW half finished and full of bugs? Its like the company motto, LOL.

Game is done, company is done and I am done.

GG guys.

Read the full bitch-fest here: FUNCOM stock hits all time low.

10 thoughts on “Fun over at Funcom?

  1. And rumor has it, although Craig has studiously avoided the topic in his posts, is that a good portion of the remaining Conan team has been fired about a month ago, including the entire art team – you know the team that was perhaps Funcom’s greatest strength?


  2. In these time of global financial hardship, isn’t it expected that stocks will be down? Aren’t stocks down pretty much globally??


  3. Let’s just say that there hasn’t been an official release but I live in Oslo and know people who work and used to for Funcom.


  4. I understanding is that there’ll still be a team but what I’ve heard its small and now based in Montreal. What I’ve also heard is that Funcom has a backlog of content, a lot of which was put aside for the expansion which will now be prioritized and which should last for a while.


  5. The tax breaks offered there. The state contributes significantly to the costs of development for projects undertaken in Montreal. That’s why you find a large number of studios have relocated there over the past few years, including Funcom.


  6. It’s as good a reason as any, and may even lend some stability to the ongoing development of Age of Conan.

    Shit that people lost their jobs though. I guess the option was there to relocate, but that is not always feasible.


  7. Sure, but what I’ve been told is that not everyone was even asked to go. That some of the team were left waiting for months for word and that ultimately the decision had been made to wind up some teams completely. The art team is one example. I’m not sure how stability is achieved through winding up productive teams? Anyway it’s strange that Funcom hasn’t announced it publicly. I guess that they’d rather dress it up as a relocation than and spin it as a new beginning than a sizable reduction in the team.



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