When choosing which character class to roll, I wanted to do something different this time. My last romp through Age of Conan was with a Priest of Mitra who I took through to level 80, and a Ranger who I think I got all the way to level 60 before I quit the game. I tried a Herald of Xotli in the past, but I think level 30 or so was as far as I got. I could have chosen another Priest archetype, or a Rogue, but I wanted to try something different.

I wanted to try out the Demonologist or Necromancer, but I’m saving a squishy mage for another time. I considered the Dark Templar who is a tank who can dabble in a little bit of magic. Eventually I opted though, for the Conqueror. A tank that is not quite a tank. Similar to a dual wielding Barbarian.

Conquerors are a sword-wielding fusion of heavy armor and battlefield command, rare individuals rising from the ranks of Aquilonian generals and barbarous Cimmerian war-leaders.

The conqueror’s martial might is almost unparalleled and they manipulate those fighting around them inspiring allies, demoralizing foes and drawing strength from the fury of battle.

Conquerors are capable soldiers but their ability to augment their allies with battle-cries and inspirational auras, as well as causing disarray and degrading the fighting capability of the enemy make them unmatched masters of the battleground around them. They wield formidable two-handed weapons and can dual-wield for even more offensive power.

Archetype: Soldier

Permitted Races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian

Weapons: One-handed blunts, two-handed blunts, one-handed edged, two-handed edged, crossbows, thrown weapons, and dual wielding.

Armor: Heavy armor, medium armor, and light armor.

I’m liking it so far. Weddell, the Cimmerian Conqueror. Isn’t that similar to King Conan himself?

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