Third time lucky on the diet thing

I seem to be getting more and more inactive. I should be getting more active. Things ain’t going the way they should Goddarnnit. That needs to change. I could sit here and be all apologetic for my fat-bastard-ness. “I’ve had so much going on recently”. “Things have been really difficult recently”. “My Dad just died”. Yawn. Apologetics is for quitters and fat fucks. I need to be bigger and better than that.

My fat-bastards-ness is on account of my complete lazy attitude. I’m lazy. Comfortable, content and lazy. I just weighed myself and I’m 16 stone 11 pounds, or 235 lb. Even with the advantage of standing 6’6″ tall, my body mass index comes out at 27.2, or overweight. Yep, even with the advantage of extreme height I’m fat. If I was a more average 5’10” I’d be classed as obese. Not just fat, fucking OBESE. That, my friends, is disgusting. I seriously need to shift some weight.

So starting tomorrow I’ll be watching what I shovel into my face. I’m not one to subscribe to a particular diet or scheme, but eating healthily is going to have to be the only choice from now on. That, and lots of cardiovascular exercise.

My car insurance is due on the 4th of August, and I’m not going to renew. Instead the car is going into the garage and I’m going to be peddle powered for the next month at least. That doesn’t just mean to and from work, I also need to get cycling in the evenings/afternoon after work. Clock up some miles. Be consistent with it. The thing with exercise is that when it is not habitual it is unpleasant, but the more you do it, the more the benefits become apparent, and the better you’ll feel for it. I need to remember that and plug away this week. I’m off work. It’s an ideal time to get out and get some exercise done. Then I just need to factor regular exercise into my ongoing routine as of next week when it’s back to work.

It can be done. It will be done. Think of it this way (talking to myself!), getting fit will make you feel better about yourself, make you look better, get you the job you want to get, make me enjoy life more! It’s a bloody no brainer. Get fit or die trying.

I’ll keep you fine folks updated. If I slack, yell at me. Monday is going to be weight and exercise update day.

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