Well, J has jetted off to Majorca and kinda left me hanging. Let’s understate this a little bit. I’m not fucking happy. I have one wish in life, and that is to have some peace. I don’t care for success or riches or even happiness all that much, but peace … please. You know, the … More Hmph


“I think we both need to have a good think about everything, this past few weeks I’ve felt disappointed with what I hoped was gonna be a great positive move for us as a family. I am really sad that I feel this way, I wanted to talk to you last night but couldn’t bring … More Awesome

Rise to power

Levelling has been super fast for the Demonologist. I think back to the time it took to push a PoM through to 50 and, either my aging memory is warping things, or I’m levelling twice as fast as I did last time I played Age of Conan. I’ve been able to skip some quests which … More Rise to power

Laid to rest

The funeral has been and went and it was, in general, a really shitty day. Hated every minute of it, from waking up to getting in the car to driving to the fake smiles and sympathies of distant relatives. The man they buried was not the man I knew. This loving, fun, caring— wait, are … More Laid to rest

Fifity at fifty

Mbeya is on level 43 and at the start of Tarantia Noble District. She has a mount for getting about the place and I’m comfortable with what she can and cannot accomplish in Hyboria. I’m enjoying playing Demonologist very much but my thoughts have been straying recently to the option, at level 50, of a … More Fifity at fifty