Day ‘X’ in the internet wilderness

This no internet thing is really starting to piss me off. In fact, I think the problem is that I do have some access but it’s utter shit in terms of speed meaning getting anything done is beyond a joke. Seriously. Maybe it’s just this room, but the coverage for Orange data is FUCKING SHIT. That needs to be in bold size 72 font. It’s diabolical.

I have been trying to connect to my steam account for the last 6 minutes. I need to do this because the computer decided to delete my log in information from the cache when I hit cancel, ironically, to save bandwidth. So now I have no internet and no access to my steam account either. Back when I had no internet but still could access steam, things weren’t too bad. At least I could play some games.

But now I can’t do ANYTHING.

Seriously, this is terrible. Current speed on GPRS is 3.95 kb/s. I don’t even have a phone line to get the wonders of dial up. I miss my old house and it’s supreme internet/wifi awesomeness. This is going to drive me nuts before too long.

Tomorrow we get the phone line put in. Then I can order Broadband and maybe finally get online with a decent speed. Just some consistency would be good right now.

Wow, Orange, with these speeds of 5.35 kb/s you’re really spoiling us!

Ahh, error: “Could not connect to Steam network. This could be due to a problem with your internet connection, or with the Steam network. (Then, this is fucking funny) Please visit for more info.”

Shit bollocks twatting cunts.


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