I refuse to feel sorry for Raoul Moat despite the reports in the media of some of his last words being, ‘I never had a Dad’ and ‘nobody cares about me’. Millions of kids didn’t have a Dad, but you don’t see them serving time for GBH, then killing someone, injuring another and delcaring war on an entire police force. The broken home excuse just doesn’t cut it any more, yet I can see the media is going to fill – quickly – with apologetic obituaries for this criminal.

Yeah, criminal. Let’s not forget the innocents killed or the lives ruined by his attacks. Or the burden placed upon an already overstretched and underfunded police service.

Last night Sky News dubbed him a ‘Rambo like character’. What bollocks. In the end he died by his own hand. Choosing the cowards way out rather than facing up to the results of his actions.


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