On Monday 12th July, or somewhere in the days after that, I will finally, finally, finally, have internet again. I have only had access for the last week via my Blackberry, or a USB dongle that lurves GPRS and 4kb/s speeds, or when at work. I can do all the Twittering and Basefucking I like on the Blackberry, but trying to use it to do anything else is murder.

I’ve finally moved in with my woman, you see, and the result is saying goodbye to my wonderfully fast wi-fi network. It’s like I’ve lost a part of me. When I was asked (by myself) the question of whether I would rather lose Jenny or the internet, I actually had to think hard for a second, before deciding she was expendable. Without my internet I am lost.

Next Monday Sky are coming to install a landline, I will then be able to activate that for Broadband, but —– hmmm —– I suppose I’ll need all sorts of modems and things, so when the internet will actually finally start working is anyone’s guess. Argh! I wish I had never thought about this! I thought it might have been a day or two to have the ‘net switched on. I’m going to have to call Sky now and find out what needs to happen. I’ll be back.


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