The morning after the match before

Capello needs to go. That is the typical ham-fisted auto-response to any major disapointment. Blame the manager and send him packing. But then, is it not appropriate on this occasion to lay the blame firmly at the Italians feet? COnsider a blind faith in the skills of Emile Heskey. Consider bringing on the big man – not known for his goal scoring ability – when scoring goals is what we needed. Taking off James Milner when you needed players with spirit ON the pitch. Failing to use all three subs when SOMETHING had to be done to at a time when something could be done. …and that is just in the final match. Despite a fntastic qualifying campaign, the team spirit wasn’t there in the tournament, and you need a manager who inspire that. Perhaps the language barrier was key. You can’t imagine the Italians broken English would be very Brian Fucking Blessed in the changing room at half time, and when you consider how we went IN at half time yesterday, we didn’t get much out of the half time team talk judging by the second half display.

It was embarrassing. England’s superstars were humiliated by a younger, less experienced side who wanted to win, who played like it was their final. Germany were too good for a lacklustre England. Our defence was split time and again and we were punished for it. It was terrible to watch. We can’t even claim “that was close”, because it wasn’t. We were humbled and suffered our worst ever world cup defeat.

As for claims that “we wuz robbed” by the obvious Lampard goal, we were still outclassed, out-played and out-scored by Germany, and not even a video replay of a disallowed goal can change that. But I’ll post it anyway.

Capello is to have talks with the FA when he gets back to London. Hopefully, for the sake of English football, they will be handing the old Italian his marching orders.


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