Fat Bastard Part Deux

I posted this originally, on 2nd August 2009. Nearly a year on and the only thing that has changed is my age.

I am fat and unhealthy.

There, I said it. A bit like the “I am an alcoholic” thing, but with less stigma attached. I’ve joined the fat bastard demographic. It’s like this:

  • I’m 31
  • I have a static job
  • I love junk food (pizza, indian, mcdonalds)
  • I love beer and wine
  • I love Coca-Cola
  • I love my computer and sitting here with either a game, or building (or working on) a website
  • I don’t like exercise
  • I’m 6′ 6″ tall and weigh approx. 17st (238 lb or 108 kilos)

All in all, it’s a pretty sad story and a recipe for early death – and more importantly – failing to get in to my chosen career.

Last year I applied to join the Police. I kinda blagged the application, and blagged the assessment and I got through. I’m good with words and I’m an impressive communicator. It’s my skill. The hurdle is going to be the fitness test. We’ve been told that there will not be any recruitment until 2010 at the earliest, but I can’t sit her getting fatter and wait. I need to start taking action now.

Okay, I need to start taking action tomorrow.

That was me. This weekend has been a ‘last blow out’. I’m not going to stop drinking, I’m not going to stop enjoying myself, but I am going to start eating better; and with eating better hopefully I’ll start to feel better, start to feel more active, and maybe – just maybe – start to feel like exercise is a good thing to be doing.

That’s the goal. Step one is a change of diet.

Currently my diet consists of:

  • Breakfast: Sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, beans. Coke.
  • Snack: Chocolate.
  • Lunch: Sandwich on white bread. Eggs, or ham or something. Coke.
  • Snack: Crisps or more choc.
  • Dinner: Coke, or beer or wine. Maybe a takeaway if I’m feeling hungry.

The plan going forward is:

  • Breakfast: Weetabix & banana.
  • Snack: Fruit.
  • Lunch: Pasta or rice or salad.
  • Snack: Fruit salad or yogurt.
  • Dinner: Weetabix.

Once I start training, Dinner will be something like chicken and vegatables. But first of all I want to get into the habit of not eating shit all day long, and actually having healthy foods.

High fibre, low fat. Importantly, no Coke. (okay, so I’m not going to go cold turkey, but it needs to be a treat not a regular intake)

This starts tomorrow. Today I’m going to make a pasta salad for lunch tomorrow and I’ll take everything to work with me in the morning.

Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be less of a fat bastard. It’s time to start getting in shape.

I do a little more exersize than I used to. I have a bike and I sometimes walk to work. I also own the following pieces of gym equipment. Treadmill, exersize bike, rowing machine, free weights. I don’t use any of them.

I have a week off work now and I am going to see my Brother in Grimsby rather than thinking about getting in shape. I’m a disgusting fat pig.


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