I want to talk about immigration and how I feel about it. I said at lunch today, in response to an article in the Daily Mail that said immigration would be reduced by the new coalition government, that we should “send all the fuckers home”. Which lead to cries of “racist” by my colleagues.

It’s not racist to understand the burden that both illegal and legal migration places upon a welfare state that is already over subscribed. That’s the thing that pisses me off about modern Britain. The PC brigade have got people so wound up and fucking terrified of speaking out against the system, that as soon as someone makes any comment on something that should bother all of us, the racist comments start getting thrown out.

I’m no racist. This is by no means a qualifier, but I have black people in my family and I have an asian housemate. These are people who came to this country either in this generation or generations past and worked! They work for a living! They fucking contribute.

It’s enough we have to suffer the dirty scumbag benefit dependent, work-shy, lazy, chav-bastard arseholes who infest our council estates. That’s an entirely different problem. Our existing social issues should not, however, be compounded by the influx of foreign criminals to these shores to further burden our crippled welfare state.

I’m not anti-immigration, I’m anti-free-immigration. People who come to this country because there is a job for them, or a service — that gives back via tax and national insurance — they provide need to be welcomed. People who come here to claim benefits should not be. Send them home, and ensure they are never welcomed back. This has become freebie Britain. We give away to those undeserving and at the same time our new government pushes through a budget which will leave people with less money, or no job, or working more years.

Does it not seem incredulous that we’re cutting back on public spending for Britons whilst still providing welfare state payouts to foreigners? When did this become acceptable? When did Great Britain become the breast for arseholes to suckle at? It’s not acceptable, and it needs more than a promise to cut back immigration. Immigration needs to be first halted and the reversed. There should be no amnesty on those who have been here for ten years or more, as suggested by the third most popular political party, who now shockingly find themselves in power. That someone has been here, living off the state, that’s yours and my future pension, for ten years should be a big enough reason to send them on their way, not offer them an official invitation to stay. What bollocks!

I woke this morning to news that a temporary cap is to be placed on the number of non-EU migrants coming to the UK.

A temporary limit on the number of migrant workers from outside the EU allowed into the UK is to be introduced ahead of a planned permanent cap.

Home Secretary Theresa May will limit the number of workers to 24,100 – down around 5% – between now and April 2011.

The Conservatives’ election pledge to curb immigration survived the coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats.

But some Tory ministers reportedly agree with those business leaders who say a rigid cap could harm the economy.

They believe it could exclude some of the most talented foreigners who want to work in the UK.

The temporary cap is aimed at preventing a rush of applications before a permanent cap is set next April.

Is this not just a backwards way to work? There are some migrants we NEED to continue to function. Businesses should be authorised to bring in whatever workers they need. There are many other migrants, and many of them are from the EU and therefore are not affected by a cap, and these are the ones that we DON’T need, the ones who abuse the welfare state. Stunning stupidity! These are the people you voted to run our country????

I think our reluctance to tell Europe to fuck off is what is damaging our country.

It’s time for some common sense. Start asking, “what does this migrant bring to our country?”

If the answer is, just another drain on the system, then send them home.


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