On finding something else that suits me better

Names are a difficult thing to get right. How do I represent myself without being too obvious or too obscure (or offensive :: peoplearewankers.com and peopleareassholes.com were taken)? How do I sum up me in the space given only by a domain name. What is my shining, obvious, (and utterly awesome) trait?

People often do not take me seriously, even when I want them to be, because I am sarcastic. I love being sarcastic. Idiots don’t get it, you can insult people below a certain IQ threshold and they think you’re rimming them. It’s deadpan, it’s intelligent, it’s the best and worst kind of humour there is. I love it.

So as I was on godaddy renewing my domains for Aliens: Colonial Marines and the associated sites, I noticed that , which I never really get around to use, yet Twitter from daily, was due to expire shortly being a year old, I realised this is the place to be. It’s me, it’s who I am and how I am most comfortable.

It’s a memorable name, it means something without being boxed into a specific niche, and it sums up the person I am. The answer was staring me in the face and I didn’t see it.

There you have it. MisterSarcastic.net is the way forward. Expect caustic, expect rude, expect sarcasm, and never take me seriously (or sometimes do, but sometimes don’t, you know?).

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