Naming shame

This blog has been called many things: Devious Tyrant, Deviant Discourse, Mushroom Festival in Hell, Azhblog, AzH-Online, Mister Sarcastic and now Geek, Reluctant. There may even be a few that I have missed out, such is the chequered naming history of this blog over the last five years.

Whenever I find something that sounds “cool” I quickly realise that it isn’t cool after all, or even worse, it isn’t fit for purpose. Take the current domain, This sprang to mind because my girlfriend always tells me I’m a geek because I like computers and videogames and other things in the realm of geek, but compared many others, I’m more neo-luddite than geek (and not even knowing what a neo-luddite is can change that!).

I also want to move away from the ‘AzH’ persona that I’ve used, and are known by on internet forums. As I move away from the forum game, with the exception of a couple of commercial ventures, I want to close that chapter of my life. I want something that is catchy, unique, memorable, and not silly.

I also want to avoid putting myself in a niche I’m not comfortable with, or that won’t make sense when people visit the blog, which I think is going to happen with the lack of geek in Geek, reluctant.

Final point to note is, it’s really difficult for me to get a “name” blog because my second name is Smith. There are a few of us out there. ;o)

I’m currently torn between leaving things as they are, or moving everything to

…or finding something else that suits me better.

I guess I’ll review the content so far, think about what subjects I am interested in, and take it from there.

Look out for a new name…. Soon.


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