Tennis, football, wow, sports!!

The Wimbledon Death Match last night which finished 60 games each and continues today, put into perspective the complete lack of effort we’re getting from the England side of spoilt multi-millionaires we’ve sent out to South Africa to represent national pride and all things English.

Here are two guys, minnows both in the rankings of international tennis, but who both fought like lions for ten hours for personal and professional pride. Through pain both mental and physical, although fatigued to the point of collapse, they fought on until bad light forced them off the court. France’s Nicolas Mahut and the USA’s John Isner will be back out to finish today.

Compare that to the prima donnas we sent to South Africa, carrying the hopes and dreams of millions of Englishmen. Most seemed as unable to string a sequence of passes together as a basic sentence. Performances have been dire, despite having a glut of talent available. Things have been so bad on the pitch that yesterday’s game actually looked good compared to the first two. If Capello’s strategy is to lull future opponents into a false sense of security, it’s working. It’s working really well. These are guys who are doing what millions of others would give their left nut to do, and they almost seem content to watch this opportunity slip through their fingers. Perhaps having multi-millions in the bank is not the motivator we’d expect it to be.

Sunday we play Germany. England need to pray for a miracle. Anything short of that will see our national team heading home to their mansions, sports cars, and wags.


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