‘VAT’ Bastard

You know, people need to STFU about the VAT rise and kinda get on with things because, a) there is nothing you can do about it, and; b) it doesn’t actually make all that different. New Labour will have you believe that this budget effects the poorest people the most whilst the Tories will shout out about how they’re protecting the most vulnerable and the poorest in society.

The 2.5% Vat rise doesn’t effect the essential things in life, such as domestic fuel and food. Sure, it hits other things such as entertainment, electricals, and other luxuries. But if you’re worried about the VAT rise on luxury items you already have disposable income and you are obviously not that poor after all. If people are complaining that they cannot buy chocolate for their family, well then reality check please. There are more important things going on.

I never thought I would ever support a Tory policy, as I was brought up to be red through and through, but the tax rises don’t impact me, and VAT will only hit those things I don’t need but do want. Is that such a bad thing? No, I don’t think so.

But then if you look at the actual VAT rise you have to wonder at the scare mongering being spat out by a Labour party which is probably more comfortable in opposition than it is in Government.

A DVD that costs £12 today will cost £12.25 in 2011
A £200 Xbox 360 will set you back £204 instead
You’ll pay an extra £12 on a £600 TV

It’s not exactly breaking the bank is it?

But then you remember that we’re still consumers and that we can still shop around for the best deals. We remember that the high street is still highly competitive and that MANY retailers will not pass on the increases to consumers in order to remain in play with their opponents in retail.

Did we even notice the VAT drop last year? (I never) Will we notice the increase next year? ( I doubt it)

Things got fucked up over the last few years and now the damage has to be repaired. It means there has to be changes. That means that some segments of society will bitch, complain and moan about the changes.

Let them. Who frickin’ cares?


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