Geek, reluctant

I’m not as geek as you think I am, and not as geek as I wish I was, but sometimes too geek for me to handle. It’s a curse I’ve grown to accept.

This is my blog. There are many like it but this one i- You know the line. I am just a.n.other blogger with a.n.other blog, and I don’t profess to be different or awesome or incredible. Or even very interesting, ha!

I don’t assume that upon writing this I will gain a legion of readers, a plethora of fans and followers, or anything like fame, fortune, riches, yadda-yadda. Why am I doing this? Well I guess in many ways I’m doing it for me. I have blogged before, and it is an outlet. The key is to be honest, and frequent. Keep going, and this is my vow. On Geek, reluctant I will attempt to post at least once a day. And not just “hey check this link out” or “this video is WAESUM” but real content. Stuff that means something to me. Sometimes personal, sometimes a commentary on life, or the news, or the latest bunch of cretins we have running the country this time. Sometimes I’ll talk about being a Dad (yes, I’m one of them too (and sometimes reluctantly!)) or about how some people drive me crazy.

Other times there will be a nerdgasm over the latest games or movies or books. I’ll talk about things I love, things that really grind my gears, and stuff that I think is of interest.

Well that’s my intro. Now to try and live up to it. Will I post every day? I’d like to think so. The reality might not be quite so cut and dried.

Time will tell. Welcome to Geek, reluctant. . .


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