I’ve been talking to this girl!! And everything she says is punctuated with exclamation marks!! I almost fear to speak to her directly because it might be a little bit too intense!! I mean, how can someone be this excited!! It’s just not natural!! Yes, usually she uses two!! Not just one!! It’s terrifying!!

“Where there’s forums there’s retards.”

Ever been a regular on a forum and have come across an example of profound stupidity? Ever subscribed to a thread that left you stunned by the ineptitude of the participants? Ever witnessed the destruction of a noob by seasoned forum trolls? Ever been rendered speechless by a display of perfect inanity? If you have … More “Where there’s forums there’s retards.”

Frustrating as fruck

I just got home and I had something I wanted to rant about. But frustratingly I have now gone and forgotten what it was. I mean, the specifics have vanished. Wow really grinds my gears. I’m still pissed off about something, but I don’t know what! So now I have the feeling of being annoyed … More Frustrating as fruck