Restore Adminfusion

There’s this website I used to visit a lot but it has really gone down the pan. I just posted there on restoring the site.

Adminfusion was the first community administrator forum I joined. That was back in 2006 at the time of Ryan, RedMatrix and Moelman. We had a really good group of members. The forums LOOKED great and the place was lively, active and a challenger for the top forum administrator community.

Then it was sold and it all went to shit.

Many of us stuck with the site and tried to keep her going with both activity and ideas/suggestions to the new owners. One thing that the new owner was good at was ignoring the suggestions of the people who actually made this forum what it was; the members. Arguments ensued and one by one people slipped away to other communities. SOme of us drop by from time to time, but it is never for very long. The forum is beset by spammers. It looks old and cluttered. The only activity seems to be people trying to palm off domains or hosting or score backlinks.

Whoever it is who bought this forum, I sure hope you got a great deal, because I’d struggle to justify $100 on it. Maybe there is some traffic, maybe there is a bit of post-rank, maybe there is some well indexed Google pages.

But none of that matters if the core of a community has gone.

The core of this community has gone.

Now, Adminfusion, once the shining jewel in the internet’s many admin forums, has withered and wilted and is beset on all sides by challengers and contenders.

TAZ goes from strength to strength. AdminAddict is doing well, and new forums are springing up to fill the void left by Adminfusion, such as AdminExtra.

If you have a defeatist attitude you might as well pack your bags, close the boards and go home. Because this place is not going to get any better without ALOT of hard work and some tender loving care.

You had/have a GREAT resource; one that the previous owner failed to grasp and utilise. The members themselves! You have a community of community managers! What better basis do you need for making a success of Adminfusion? The people who used to frequent this place will probably return if they feel they are going to be listened to. Admit the place is failing and ask for help, Goddamn you!

People WILL rally to the Adminfusion flag if they are called by a confident and influential leader. Someone to inspire and value the opinion of the forum members.

Is there someone out there who will do this? I don’t mean someone who comes in and makes a few posts here and there. I mean someone who will create discussions, provide content, provide personal support and suggestions to new forum owners. Someone who will lead by example. There must be someone who is prepared to do this.

If there is someone who is willing to listen to the members, allow me to start with a few suggestions.

1) CHANGE THE LOOK. Ideally lose the front-page all together and get back to your forum-roots. Give us back the old styles of AF Red and AF Blue. They are in there somewhere, I can feel it.

2) ENHANCE POSTFUSION. You have a unique hook with PF. Something NO OTHER site has. Use it.

3) NEW STAFF. Get people in who are passionate about forum administration and passionate about Adminfusion.

4) NEW RESOURCES. Update the templates and add hacks/plugins to the offered resources.

5) GET INTERESTING. New articles, new interviews, create a buzz.

6) MARKETING. Let’s see Adminfusion on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc.. Get down with the Social Networking vibe.

7) POST MORE. Content is King. Content is King. Content is King. Say it, repeat it, believe it, live it.

8) ADMIT THINGS SUCK. Tell us that you understand how we feel. That you know the place has gone to shit and that you are PREPARED, WILLING and ABLE to restore Adminfusion.

9) BUILD BRIDGES. Contact the old members. Tell them things are changing. Invite them to give help and advice.

10) I DON’T HAVE A TEN. But I didn’t want to end on nine. It’s considered unlucky in some cultures.

Adminfusion CAN be restored. The only question is have you got the balls to take on the challenge. If not, please tell me and I’ll stop wasting my time here.


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