Back *IN* the game

September 2009, whiney miserable me reported that he was thinking about getting out of the game. ‘It’s too hard. There is no satisfaction. Success is…’ Blah. Blah. Blah. Success is what you make it. Success can be as simple as setting yourself a goal and achieving it. It can be as simple as being happy and content.

I’ve spent a lot of years on the internet. I had some good times, I had some bad times, I had some awesome fun and put in some hard grunt-work. Has it been satisfying? Yeah and no. Sometimes. But it’s a labour of love and it keeps me out of trouble, so why not do a little bit more internet work and if you happen to get something out of it, coolio.

I picked things up again at Aliens: Colonial Marines News this month, and things seem to be going well. It was either ACM or Rock Paper Nuke and I opted for what is the easier option. It’s a niche, so there is a specific audience to focus on, whilst the ‘Strategy Gaming’ based RPN is a little harder to nail down amongst the huge number of general gaming forums. I’m going to have another crack of the whip with Evil Gamers Online too shortly.

EGO is going to be a gaming news site geared towards the horror genre of gaming. Or anything that can be classed as a bit nasty. That gives a pretty wide scope but it’s also a niche that I can pin down and market.

That’s the plan anyway….

Back in the game….


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