Let’s assume for a moment that God *DOES* exist.

We have all seen the arguments time and time again for and against the existence of God. Personally, I have seen enough evidence in my time to prove that God not only doesn’t exist but is an impossible paradox. However, some Christians won’t accept science as proof and instead believe that their faith is enough … More Let’s assume for a moment that God *DOES* exist.

Restore Adminfusion

There’s this website I used to visit a lot but it has really gone down the pan. I just posted there on restoring the site. Adminfusion was the first community administrator forum I joined. That was back in 2006 at the time of Ryan, RedMatrix and Moelman. We had a really good group of members. … More Restore Adminfusion

Back *IN* the game

September 2009, whiney miserable me reported that he was thinking about getting out of the game. ‘It’s too hard. There is no satisfaction. Success is…’ Blah. Blah. Blah. Success is what you make it. Success can be as simple as setting yourself a goal and achieving it. It can be as simple as being happy … More Back *IN* the game