Getting out of the game….

I’m thinking about dumping ALL my websites and getting a life instead. I’ve been sat here contemplating where to go with my existing online ventures and I’ve realised I’ve got no stomach for it anymore. It’s such hard work with so little reward to keep things going. I had some unexpected success with the Left 4 Dead forums, but I don’t have the inclination to do it again. Besides, is the time and effort put into these things worth the money I can potentially get out of them with a sale?

I lack both the expertise and the time to push these websites and make them a success. It’s time to jack it all in then, hmm? All sites, all domains, all everything?

What about this blog then?

I don’t know. It wouldn’t be sold, it would just be shut (again) (yes, I know!) and left to die. Or should I keep it going.

I’ve always been wishy-washy with online stuff, but never before encountered such a feeling of apathy towards online ventures. I haven’t bothered with RPN or ACM in weeks. The holiday isn’t a cause, just an excuse to myself. But then I wonder if in a month’s time I’ll miss the shit and I’ll want it all back again? What then? Start again? Or resist and get a normal hobby.

Maybe, at 31 (nearly 32) I’m finally getting too old for all this. Maybe I just need to get rid. Cut my loses. Quit.


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