15 minute Wednesday Update

I’m a hypocrite, mostly. I despise lazy fat bastards and hey, look at me! At work and annoyed to shit with the fat pregnant one. At least I present an impression that I’m working. She doesn’t give a shit. It pisses me off though, that nobody seems to give a fuck. I have to bite my tongue, because she’d only end up crying, or something, if I was to kick off.

Feeling pretty good though, physically. Not as tired as I usually am. Down to the diet I’m convincing myself. I did the 200 sit ups initial test yesterday. I managed 30 before I had to stop. This 200 sit up program is a six week thing and by the end of it I should be able to do 200 consecutuve sit ups. I also found one for 100 push ups, but I think I’ll hang on and complete the sit ups first. They’re probably easier based upon my physique.

I need to start an exersize regime soon though with some high impact cardio. I need to check to see if my bike is still in working order. It’s been outside in the yard in all weathers so if it falls to pieces, my fault. I’ll check it this weekend I guess. Do push ups Mon/Wed/Fri and get on the bike on Tuesday and Thursday. I could probably start coming to work on the bike but that would mean I’d have to get up earlier and also have a shower once I got to work (requiring an even earlier start) or sit here stinking. Hmm… decisions, decisions (take the car).

I’ve been listening to Reverand and the Makers this morning. I’m typing that to remind me to visit Pirate Bay tonight and grab some more of their stuff. Great band. Very, erm. Well they’re like the Arctic Monkeys in sone ways in that they base their music in modern life. At least they do in “The State of Things”. Much like Arctics in “Whatever…”. I’ve been listening to Humbug recently. Their new album. I got an “early release”. ;o) It’s pretty good. Not the same as the debut. More mature. More grown up. I guess we do.

That reminds me. What’s “this” when we do the finger gesture to indicate speech marks — like we don’t really mean what we’re saying. Fuck, I’m shit with words some times. Example, when I said “early release” I meant I got it on a download from a leak. It wasn’t really an early release. I can’t quite work out what we call that gesture.

I have to go back to work. So concludes the first 15 minute update.


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