Diplomacy (or, are Muslims ALL crazy or whut!?)

India is free from the Mughal Empire. It is the year 1724 and the Maratha Confederacy rules all of Inda save the tiny Portuguese colony of Goa Goa. SO far they have not shown any hostile intentions, there is no sign of troop movements or fleets coming and going. The Dutch on Ceylon are posturing slightly, perhaps in light of Marathan conquests on the mainland. Currently a fleet rests at anchor off the coast of Orissa, but they show no motives for villiany (and, to do so would be folly as the Marathan Navy is powerful and all consuming).

With the Mughals gone and the European powers behaving themselves, things should be starting to settle down. One would hope, anyway.


But no.

Persia doesn’t see things that way.

Perhaps spurred by the defeat of the Mughal and concerned by the spread of Hinduism into the northern half of the sub-continent, and oblivious to the veteran armies and navies they would likely face, the Jihadists in Persia have declared war on the Maratha Confederacy. It makes absolutely no sense. They must know they are to be crushed as surely as the Mughal before them. They blockaded my trade route with the Ottoman Turks and incurred the wrath of ‘Ajar’ (fourth rate sip of the line) and her flotilla of sixth rates and Brigs. The Persians were scattered lke so much driftwood across the Indian Ocean. On land the armies based in Punjab and Sindh were mobilised and moved to make camp at the Persian borders. Veterans of countless campaigns against the Muslims, they’re keen to strike hard at Persia and crush her.

Considering this, and considering the prospect for peace and prosperity, the Maratha Confederacy offer the hand of friendship to the Persians…

Now, I’m not one to brag, but Power: Terrifying and Wealth: Spectacular versus Power: Weak and Wealth: Destitute doesn’t seem like a fair fight, so for them to reply with:

“Why would we rest before your guts are spilled upon the sand for dogs and scorpions to gnaw upon? Beg all you like [!!], but war is the path we tread”

Makes no sense. Are Muslims crazy Jihadis? Or is it just a failing of Empire: Total War.


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